Overriding the Overridden View Pages

Salesforce.com has a clever way of overriding the default view page with a Visualforce page.  As a developer/administrator there are times when you want to un-override the page and see the standard page layout.  You can tell when the pages are overridden because the URL looks something like this:

Notice the “/apex/OpportunityDetail?id=…”.  The 15 characters following the id is the Salesforce Record Id.  It’s starts with 006 so you know it’s an Opportunity.  This is called the ID Prefix.  001’s are Accounts, 00Q’s are Leads, and so on.  Once you’ve been working in Salesforce for a while you start to recognize some of the prefixes.

To view the standard page layout without the Visualforce override you can update the URL changing the “/apex/…” to the Salesforce record ID and add “?nooveride=1”.  See below:

This is how we can look at records that won’t load under normal conditions (say, when the developer doesn’t check for nulls in controller extensions).

There are other tricks, like adding “/e” after the id to put the record into edit mode so you can quickly update the record (say, to put in values instead of nulls that the controller extensions aren’t expecting).

I’ve showed this trick to my power users and support staff, but only with the warning: “PLEASE don’t show this to users.  We need to control how they’re accessing the data.


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