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I'm a software developer by day, martial artist by night. I dig writing code, getting some exercise, then kicking back with my home brewed beer. Nunchuck skills, yeah, I got 'em. @NortonMD

In-Line Validation in Visualforce Pages

In-line validation The following Visualforce code demonstrates how to call an Apex ActionMethod after a user exits the field.  Here customer is an instance of the Account SObject which has the custom field Date_Of_Birth__c.  I want to check the age … Continue reading

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Introduction / Problem Statement Cutting right to the chase-How do you decided if a new application should co-exist with your current applications implemented in  I’m writing this in response to my own inquiry and hoping that as I annotate … Continue reading

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Improving Deployments

Introduction / Problem Statement customers with Large Data Volumes (LDV’s as they are called) can experience prolonged deployments as their Apex test classes run over millions of records. Since my organization has recently reduced our deployments time from over … Continue reading

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Overriding the Overridden View Pages has a clever way of overriding the default view page with a Visualforce page.  As a developer/administrator there are times when you want to un-override the page and see the standard page layout.  You can tell when the pages … Continue reading

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Introduction / Problem Statement My friends and I decided we would hold an annual contest to see who’s home brewed beer was best.  The first problem we ran into was voting, mostly because we didn’t plan ahead and coming up … Continue reading

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The Database versus the traditional DBMS

Part 1 – Intro and Storage After having the argument over and over with other guys in IT I decided to write down some notes on how the DB is “different”.  This is not an Introduction to the … Continue reading

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